About Us

The VICG group develops various projects in diverse areas related to Visualization, Visual Analytics, Imaging and Computer Graphics.

In Image Processing, projects relate to Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, and Image Classification.

In Visualization, our research has approached various subjects related to layouts of both physical phenomena and abstract data, as well as more broad aspects of visual analysis of complex multidimensional data. We have worked on multidimensional data visualization for many years, with highlight in multidimensional projections, dimension reduction, and similarity trees.

We have also worked and continue to work on evaluation of visualization methods and applications, such as biosensor data, image and text collections, time series, social networks, graphs, volumetric scalar and tensor data, amongst others.

Theoretical and Algorithmic bases for our work come largely from Computational Geometry, Computational Topology, Statistics, Data Mining, Numerical Analysis and Optimization.

Our researchers, students and associates have devoted their efforts to develop the field of Visual Analytics by integrating mining and visualization in the search for novel and effective ways to support user-centered exploration of complex multidimensional data. We investigate techniques for treating ever larger data sets with many attributes of varied nature.